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Join a Node and Explore The Universe Of Opportunities

By Joining Today You Fill a Category and Lock Out Your Competition From The Node. Immense Opportunities Await You. Modern Personal Networking with Professionals and Businessmen, Collaborative Opportunities With Fellow Node Associates and MUCH MORE !!

Great to see you at UBN!

UBN is the largest Nexus of Professionals and Students from around the country. The members get the opportunity to connect with individuals from around the country. They collaborate in teams to work on projects and create opportunities for each other for their professional growth.

Building Connections is the utmost requirement for the super-fast-paced world today. Imagine having a connection in a company operating in the opposite side of the country that has a job opening or an internship opening and one of the employees is a working Professional of UBN, he knows you and hands over the opportunity to you! That is the power of UBN! It's no less than magic!

UBN provides a system and a complete supportive structure to make this magic happen. UBN provides you with the platform you need to connect with professionals around the globe, increase your skill set, get rid of all the stage fear you ever had and rise above the strata!

Why You Should Care About Your Career While You Still Have The Time

If you have big dreams after graduation and plan on doing something great with your life, you surely have an eye on the horizon! However, thanks to the education system in India most of these dreams are crushed once you take your first steps outside the college gates.

  • Only 3% of Engineering Graduates are Employable, that means 97% Engineering Graduates completely lack the skill required in the real world.
  • Only 7% MBA students in Indian B-Schools get a job from campus. 93% of them are most likely not Industry-Ready!
  • Almost 47% of graduates are not employable in any sector of the Economy.

All this because the Indian Education System is based on Rote Learning and the teachers lack the quality needed for the transference of Knowledge.

But You Have Already Decided To Escape The Vicious Circle Of A Bad Education System And Get The Edge Above the 97% Graduate Population!
That's Why You are Here! Aren't You?

What is UBN Going To Do For You?

At UBN the whole-sole motive is to bring the students from the entire country in one platform where they can get the opportunity to Develop New Skills, Collaborate with fellow UBN members to get the application based knowledge, focus on an Overall Personality Development including Speaking, Innovation and Research Opportunities, Problem Solving Skills, English Comprehension, Stage Management, Interview Skills, etc.

Unlike the usual education system standards, the mentors and teachers of UBN are all professionals and experts handpicked, from the entire country, by the 'Executive Director Team' of UBN!

UBN Achieves it by integrating an extensively planned structure of Nodes and Networking. The intricately intertwined nexus that extends to the far reaches of the country and makes sure that you find opportunities anywhere you decide to venture!

So we suggest you prepare to

  • Get rid of the 'Lack of Contacts Syndrome'.
  • Throw away that 'Stage Fear'
  • Get out and Connect to New People and Form Friendships and Partnerships
  • Become the Person of your Dreams!

Membership into Nodes

Being a member of UBN and being a part of a Node, you become a part of an environment that is intricately weaved together to steadily build your skills and take you a step closer to your dream project or your dream job. Nodes also give you an opportunity to collaborate with fellow members of not only your own Node but also the members of UBN from the entire country. If you fulfil the criterion you can to lead a Node as a part of the Leadership Team.

2 Free Courses

You can choose from a list of more than 200 courses. These courses range from technical IT courses on Web Development and Backend Development to performing arts like Dancing, Illusionist/Magician, Mentalist, Singing, etc. Accounts to Marketing and Digital Marketing. Any two courses you choose as your primary and secondary domain are FREE for the duration of your membership in UBN.

6 Free Growth Tracking Workshops

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." Setting goals is the first step in the journey to success. Six workshops are held at an interval of two months to track the growth of members, where, eminent speakers, successful businessmen and industry experts interact with the members. These workshop are aimed at refining the personality and skills for you to shine brighter than before and realize your true potential!!

Additional Training

If you are the type to not be satisfied with just two courses in a year, we have additional training sessions that you can attend for which you don't have to pay any training fee!

Joining is Super Easy!